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Young Leaders who begin to disciple and minister to others can learn together to disciple like Christ.

Learning to help others grow is only the beginning as disciple will soon learn to help others learn to disciple as mature leaders.

WDA’s Leadership Development Resources will challenge young and mature leaders to be more like Christ.

Leadership Institute

Developing New Leaders 1 [Phase IV-A]

Also Available in Kindle and Audible

Leadership Institute

Developing New Leaders 2 [Phase IV-B]

Materials for Developing Ministry Leaders & Disciple Makers

This phase is for those who are ready to lead a ministry or small group, or current leaders who want to hone their ability and effectiveness. Students will learn new theology and application, additional ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies in the Leadership Institute curriculum series. Read More About Phase IV.

The series is divided in two parts. The suggested order to study this series is:
1) Living for Christ
2) Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework
3) A Small Groups Manual
4) Disciple Building: Life Coaching
5) Team Building
6) Spiritual Warfare-II
7) How Emotional Problems Develop
8) Kingdom Growth
9) Spiritual Tensions (which includes Living In The Tensions and Tensions Within Christianity),
10) The Role Of Suffering and Ministry Principles And Practice (which includes Developing A Guided Discussion and Ministry Principles-II),
11) Living By Faith. 

Why do we suggest this order?
The subjects follow the content and pattern that Jesus taught over time to the original 12 disciples, and also weaves in ministry skills and heart habits that define mature and healthy leaders.