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Disciple Building A Biblical Framework

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework

by Bob Dukes


Disciple Building: a Biblical Framework provides great biblical tips for helping Christians grow to maturity. As a result, they can think, feel, and act like Christ.

Christian maturity is defined as a process to become conformed to the likeness of Christ. For this to occur, followers of Christ must obey the truths of Scripture, increasing their understanding of God and His Kingdom. Consequently, God gradually changes their conduct, belief systems, and worldview. Ultimately, their character change to agape (sacrificial) love will result in a deepened relationship with God and others.

Above all, teaching believers to obey all that Christ commanded is central to Christ’s commission to the church. Therefore, discipleship is a priority for Christian leaders. For 50 years, WDA has been part of a worldwide movement of building disciples. Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework will give you an overview of the ministry structure and tools needed to begin making disciples. In addition, this book features guided discussions for use in leadership training groups.

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