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Ministry Preparation

Ministry skills and character growth are part of learning to minister like Christ.

Disciples who begin share their faith, study the bible for themselves and join a ministry team will benefit from the books in this series.

School of Ministry

Equipping for Ministry [Phase III]

Available in Leader and Student Editions

Materials to Prepare for Ministry 

After a disciple has a solid faith foundation through discipleship, they are ready to enter the School of Ministry and become equipped to live out their faith by serving, evangelizing, and discipling others.

The suggested order to study this series is: 
1) Spiritual Warfare-I
2) Evangelism Training
3) Positional Truth
4) Healthy Relationships
5) Ministry Principles-I
6) Inductive Bible Study

Why do we suggest this order?
It is important for a disciple to understand that spiritual conflict that will arise when they begin to minister to others, and for this reason, Spiritual Warfare is recommended as the first topic in the School of Ministry. Each of the following ministry practices and heart habits develop progressively from the others.