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A Small Groups Manual

by Bob Dukes


A Small Groups Manual provides tips and methods for leaders who desire to form and lead discipleship groups with growing members. Discussions around group dynamics, the thoughtful development of groups, and authentic, caring leadership are laid out in an understandable and easy-to-apply fashion. As a result, this book gives the reader a plan for forming a successful small group.

Above all, the goal of disciple building is to help people grow up in the image of Christ. As a result, this helps Christ followers become obedient to God’s Word. In addition, small groups provide the interpersonal context in which a person can become a “doer” of the Word through accountability, and not a “hearer” only.

Specifically, topics include an understanding of the different types of small groups in the church, five disciple-building small group structures, the role of leadership, and practical skills to develop and lead small groups.

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