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A Small Groups Manual Cover

A Small Groups Manual

by Bob Dukes


A Small Groups Manual provides tips and methods for great results. In other words, direction and understanding for leaders who desires to form and lead a progressive discipleship group. For instance, group dynamics, development, and leadership are laid out in an understandable and easy-to-apply fashion. As a result, this book gives the reader a plan for forming a successful group.

Above all, the goal of disciple building is to help people grow up in the image of Christ. As a result, this helps them become obedient to His Word. In addition, small groups provide the interpersonal context in which a person can become a “doer” of the Word and not a “hearer” only.

Specifically, topics include an understanding of the different types of small groups in the church, five disciple-building small group structures, the role of leadership, and practical skills to develop and lead small groups.

A Small Groups Manual with Guided Discussions is the second edition featuring discussion questions for groups in addition to having a completely new design.

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