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Life Coaching Cover

Disciple Building: Life Coaching

by Bob Dukes, Nila Duffitt, Buddy Eades, Margaret Garner, Jack Larson, David Parfitt


This Life Coaching book has been revised as part of the Phase IVA WDA Leadership Institute. WDA provides training for leaders who desire to grow in ministry one-to-one. Moreover, it uses tools like the Christian Growth Checklist and the Need, Goals, Projects (NGP) tool to help disciple builders identify where a person is in their Christian life and help them continue on the journey.

In addition, it provides training for lay leaders who aspire to meet people where they are and help them take the next step of growth to maturity. Further, this and is carried out through the design and implementation of practical growth projects tailored to individual needs and levels of maturity.

Firstly, you will learn what a Life Coach is and how she participates in helping others grow to Christlikeness. Secondly, you will look at the ministry and person of Jesus. Consequently, help people grow in a pattern based on His discipleship model. Above all, recognize the ministry involves developing a close relationship with another person.

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