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The Second Coming of Christ

by Worldwide Discipleship Association, Inc.


The Second Coming Of Christ will teach disciples about the different positions Christians hold about the return of Christ.  During Jesus’ last days, He focused on important teaching on what they could expect both in the upcoming years and also when He returns. This book gives a general overview of the topic of the Second Coming and the different theological positions. The goal is to provide greater understanding and focus on the implications of Jesus’ Second Coming on the church’s mission and the believer’s life.

Topics Include

  • The Importance Of The Return Of Christ
  • The Interpretation Prophecy
  • The Impact Of Christ’s Return
  • Competing Views About Christ’s Return
  • Theological Influences On Interpretation
  • Signs Of Christ’s Return
  • Preparing For Christ’s Return
  • Closing Concerns

This workbook includes Teaching Outlines and Guided Discussions.

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