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Benson Chembe “God Never Stops Amazing Me” Field Report

Greetings in Jesus name! God never stops amazing me especially with our evangelism project which has become our exciting venture in Zambia. God continues doing the un expected especially during baptism of our newly born again believers. And He remains God saving souls in his marvelous ways. He moves in during baptism working out his own ways.

Kitwe Evangelism Project

In Kitwe, Zambia, we launched another evangelism project 4 months early this year. In this project we ask each believer to pray and at least lead two to three lost people to saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ during the given period. At the end of the period we take an account of what God has done in our lives. All the people who professed faith in Jesus we take them into the beginner’s class for instructions. It was encouraging and exciting that this time we had 29 professions of faith in Jesus.


On the second week of July, we arranged for baptism. This time in Zambia its very cold due to climate change and our cold season. The leaders had to warm water in the baptism pool. They did this on Saturday night before the following day’s ceremony. 

The Sunday morning was an expectant day. Candidates for baptism came very early and were eager to be baptized following their professions of faith in Jesus. They had received adequate instructions in the beginners course and were ready. All together, we had 29 candidates whom God had given us through our evangelism project campaign.

Baptism candidates assemble outside church building for a group photo.

What followed was my giving of a short sharing before baptism. As I explained on the meaning of baptism, I was led to challenge people on the need to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior in one’s life. I emphasized that even when one believes today, he or she can be baptized on profession of faith. I asked the worshipers to pray with me before I begun baptism ceremony. As I was descending into the water, the usher ran to me and said, “pastor, three people have joined the people to be baptized, they have not gone through baptism instructions, what do we do?”

[God’s amazing move in his ways] Because of the previous experience at my former church, I told him let him be baptized. 

It was exciting and the audience exulted in praise to see three more people taking a step of faith in Jesus. And they joined the baptism group while we were praying. I asked them if they have believed in Jesus, and they loudly confessed their faith in Him. 

The first candidate being baptized. The number of new believers baptized on this day grew from 29 to 31.

Some of the baptism candidates being baptized. The ceremony was closed with prayer at 1:30 PM, Zambian time.

What a joy to experience God’s amazing ways in one’s life!

Oh God continue be who you are as you work in and through my life. Do it again!

Benson Chembe

Disciple Making Missionary: training people to think, feel, and act like Jesus.

(“…until Christ is formed in you”, (Galatians 4:19).  

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