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Disciple Makers, You Are Making An Impact

Disciple Makers & Leaders, by taking time to submit your impact information, your ministry efforts get to be counted toward the global movement to make a million disciples who disciple.

There are no small impacts.  We pray that the people you help disciple will bear lifelong fruit as they impact others. To God be the glory!


  1. Open the WDA Impact Form (Excel File or Google Sheet Template).
  2. Update it with Your Name & Country in the Title, and pertinent year. (Make sure to save it to your computer, if an Excel File).
  3. Fill it out with information using a new line for each separate WDA/RYH or discipleship experience. (You can add to your form throughout the year and submit it at the end of the year, or send in a new form after each experience).
  4. Send/Share the completed Impact form to WDA by emailing

Participant Impact Form

Did you participate in a WDA ministry event, training, or discipleship experience? Please fill out this digital participant impact form! Your feedback helps us improve our ministry.

Leader Tip: Download a paper Participant Form to hand out to participants of your WDA experience. Collect and then: 

1. Use the collected information on their forms to fill out the WDA Impact Form for disciple makers above.

2. Scan and email the forms to   


Joining a global movement of building 1 Million Disciples who Disciple. You are part of the Great Commission! (Matthew 28:19-20)


Allowing WDA to track the progress and growth of our ministries, better serve our partners, and learn where improvements are needed.


Allowing WDA to highlight the work good God is doing in your life. Your story encourages others to grow in their faith!