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Benson Chembe Newsletter: “Outreach Disciple-Making in the Congo”

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord,

What a wonderful opportunity to have this time and share with you my recent outreach into Congo, another country. Indeed it was a unique experience as it was my first time being in this country. The country has some requirement for one to pass through the border and enter the country: VISA, full COVID-19 vaccine certificate, 72 hours COVID-19 test, yellow book, and passport. So, I had to find money and get all these documents before starting off to Congo. But it was worthy paying for because I had to go, meet the National leader, conduct training, launch a national disciple making movement, and hold a meeting with national leaders. This is my job as Africa director: travel to African countries and introduce a disciple making movement for the whole country as it has been in Zambia. In Zambia we have a leader in each of the ten provinces of Zambia. And these leaders have established centers in their provinces. And from these centers disciple making springs from and spreads to the whole of that province.

1. Arriving at the border of Congo.

When I arrived at the border, I met the WDA Congo national leader, Jules Wazeng, who came to pick me. It was wonderful and hope fulfilling for him to come for me.

2. Teaching and training participants.

This picture shows Benson teaching in English through a french translator. 31 leaders gathered for disciple making training and launching. It was mission fulfilling to have 25 Pastors from different denominations and ministries, and 7 leaders from different denominations. It was my first time reaching out into a country that has adopted French as their official language. We did Biblical Framework.   

3. List of people who attended.

The list shows the people who participated in the training program.

The list shows their names and denominations and ministries they came from.

4. Conference photo.

This conference picture shows the pastors who attended. Some others could not reach the last day due to some engagements which demanded their presence. 

5. Evangelistic preaching opportunity.

This picture shows Benson preaching through a translator, Jules, the WDA national leader in Congo.

This Sunday morning I was given a privilege to speak to 242 Christians who had gathered for worship service. I always go for outreach with an evangelism project where we challenge each Christian to witness to a number of people in a given time frame. So I took this opportunity and preached an evangelistic message-challenging those not saved to receive Christ, and Christians to go out for witnessing.

6. Farewell meal.

Praise the Lord. On the last evening, they prepared a special meal where I had an opportunity to eat with the national leader, Jules, and his wife. It was interesting that they prepared a meal which we do not eat in Zambia. Being a disciples making missionary, I had no way of refusing any meal they prepare for me. As long as it is not harmful and they also eat, I eat as well.

7. Meeting with national leaders

    We had a meeting with national leaders of four people team:

7.1. They shared with me that Congo Kinshasa, is divided into 26 provinces. So far, they have managed to have a leader each of the four provinces they have reached. I shared with them what we are doing in Zambia with a vision of having a disciple making leader in each of our provinces. And that the leader should establish a center for trainings, reports sharing, and sharing of prayer needs. I shared that the center is a spring board in that province for disciple making to spread to the entire country. They were very excited and are geared for the work. Together we launched a country disciple making movement and made a commitment to fulfilling it. 

7.2. Reaching another French speaking country. I shared with them my vision to reach all African countries with a discipleship that trains people to think, feel and act like Jesus. I challenged the leaders that next year, God willing, we should reach Congo Brazzaville. Their neighboring country. They resolved that we launch prayer request for this outreach and continue praying about it and see how God leads us in 2023.

8. Prayer requests

8.1. Pray for Jules as he leads his team in reaching the whole country of Congo with disciple making. Acts 1:8 gives us a geographical movement for disciple making in each of our areas.

8.2. Pray that God gives us an opportunity to reach Congo Brazzaville next year, 2023. 

8.3. Pray for my family well being. We thank God Purity completed her training program in clinical medicine.

8.4. Pray God gives us funds to pay for our rentals, we are staying in a rented house.

8.5. Pray that God provides me with funds for India disciple making trip with World Discipleship Association. Our international director, Nate mentioned that I should raise $2000 to cover this trip. The trip is from 24 September, 2022 to 4 October, 2023.   

Thanks for taking time to read this report.

Benson Chembe

Disciple Making Missionary: Training people to think, feel, and act like Jesus