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Margo Theivagt Newsletter May-June 2022


Newsletter May-June

By Margo Theivagt

Dear Friends & Family, 

The first week in June we had WDA’s Staff Conference with the theme of: 

A  Broad Place | Psalms 18:16-19:

“..He rescued me from my strong enemy & from those who hated me..They confronted me in the day of my calamity but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a broad place; He rescued me because He delighted me.”

God had given our President, Bob Dukes, this theme for WDA in 2022. He spoke on Psalm 18, & it was powerful.

We, in WDA believe that God is bringing us into a broad place. God gave us a presence into 53 nations in 2021. And, we are praying for open doors in the Middle East in 2022.

 Of course, the idea of “a broad place does not mean we won’t experience spiritual warfare… In fact we (WDA’s home office & individual staff/families) definitely experienced warfare the week of Staff Conference!

Ministry Update

Kelly & I finished our Restoring your Heart group (Patti, Christina, Joanne & JA) in early May.. The next week I began a shortened version of Grief Share with Liesel and God added Sharon to our group!

My Ephesians bible study with Tammy, Heather & Ruthie (SUCH A RICH BOOK!)  ended with a social time in June.

Restoring Your Heart/Material Development-

Thursday mornings our RYH team has continued to work on our Created with Needs workbook. We will continue to work on this document through the summer so that the our staff can use the workbook in the fall.

Heather,Tammy, myself. Bobbi Ruthie not present.

Jack, Margaret and I have been working on an example of a topical study for Material Development. We used the word “regeneration”. After we looking up the verses, we summarized them. In  August we’ll resume the study.

July Schedule-

I had plans to make a short trip to Tn.& Il. But, then I had a car accident & ended up needing a new car. I am very thankful to say that God has recently provided me another  car with the help of  generous friends!!

So, I’ll be postponing my Illinois trip until the Fall. I am thankful for each one of you, your ongoing love, support and prayers!


Sincerely yours,        

Margo Theivagt        

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