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By: Mark Nyirenda

Christian Greetings to you all in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you are doing well in your families and service to the King of glory even the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with gladness of heart that I write this update to about the Discipleship seminar we had on Chilubi Island here in the Northern part of Zambia. As I earlier mentioned our host is a man I have known for some years and by God’s grace he is pasturing a Church that is slightly over 150 members and he is doing a good job. When we met earlier this year he mentioned that Discipleship is something they lack as a Church and knowing that discipleship is the need of the entire Christian Church I jumped on the opportunity to help train potential disciplers who would later carry on the mantle of discipling others (2nd Tim 2:2). We were slightly over 50 people in attendance for a one day discipleship seminar. I taught on spiritual growth particulary on how we can help new converts growth to Christ-likeness in their relationship with God. We also engaged in one on one mentorship exercises as well as small group exercises in disciple building.

It was a wonderful time we had in the presence of the Lord and also in fellowship with one another as we all desire to grow in Christ-likeness character. Oh that the Lord would bless His work among the Islanders with abounding fruit.

Bible Distribution: In God’s providence I went to the seminar with 24 Bibles and people were so eagerly waiting for the gifts of Bibles. I have never seen the need for the Bibles like what I experienced on the Island and I wondered that such need was happening here in Zambia. We had 5 people who had come from a neighbouring Church and their story was that they actually share one Bible in the whole Church which has over 50 congregants. There story really touched my heart and I said to myself that the next time I have the privilege of Bibles I would love to go and give to that Church. Fortunately we were able to give 3 Bibles to that Church and they now have 4 Bibles. The encouragement I had was that a drop of water on a dry throat is better than nothing. Indeed may the Lord bless His work with fruit. The Islanders have asked that I go back there to do discipleship seminar for more days rather than a day. They are so thirsty and hungry for the Lord’s word.


  • We thank God making our Discipleship and Bible distribution seminar a success. Indeed my heart is filled with joy as I reflect on what the Lord did in me among His people.
  • Thank you so much for supporting this ministry through your generous financial gifts and faithfully praying for the Lord’s work. I feel privileged to co-work with you.
  • am so grateful for the Lord travelling mercies and protection against any kind of sickness and disease or even dangers. He is faithful and gracious in every way.
  • Kindly to continue to support us in whatever way the Lord impresses upon your heart and pray that we continue to reach out and disciple many for the Lord’s glory.
  • Pray for us as a family that the Lord will provide for our needs; our two children are both in school, our Church is still in infancy and we know God is gracious and faithful.

May the Lord bless you all in every way. Thank you so much.

Mark NyirendaPosted in Field Reports