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Understanding People

Understanding People

by Bob Dukes


Using Pocket Principles® and Guided Discussions, Understanding People focuses on what it means to be made in God’s image, thereby how God is restoring believers. Consequently, the role of needs and emotions in the Christian growth process are discussed.

Book 3 in the Cornerstone Series, topics include: #1 – Created in the Image of God, #2 – The Uniqueness of Each Person, #3 – The Impact of the Fall, #4 – Reversing the Effects of the Fall, #5 – Experiencing the Benefits of Knowing Christ, #6 – Created with Needs, #7 – Getting Needs Met, #8 – Created with Emotions, #9 – Understanding Emotional Problems, and #10 – Healing from Emotional Problems.

The workbook is designed for both individuals and small groups and helps new believers become grounded in the faith. In addition, it lays the necessary foundations for ongoing growth to maturity. As a result, it reinforces growth and fosters renewal in more mature Christians. 

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