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Knowing God - Student

Knowing God

by Worldwide Discipleship Association


The Pocket Principles® and Guided Discussions for Knowing God focus on enabling a new believer (or a mature believer who wants a fresh look at foundational truths) to begin getting to know God. In other words, getting to know God by spending time with Him, reviewing key concepts about Him and learning about His attributes and character.

Book 2 in the Cornerstone Series, this workbook includes Pocket Principles® and Guided Discussions. Topics include: #1 – Relating To God, #2 – God Reveals Himself, #3 – The Attributes Of God, Correcting False Views Of God, #4 – The Trinity And God The Father, Jesus, #5 – God The Son, #6 – Our Relationship With Christ Our Brother, #7 – The Holy Spirit, God’s Righteousness, and #8 – Security In Christ.

The workbook is designed for both individuals and small groups and helps new believers become grounded in the faith. In addition, it lays the necessary foundations for ongoing growth to maturity. As a result, it reinforces growth and fosters renewal in more mature Christians. 

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