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Spiritual Tensions

by Worldwide Discipleship Association


Spiritual Tensions is a 2-part workbook for emerging leaders. First, Living In The Tensions will help disciples learn how to navigate the tensions in the spiritual life. On the other hand, Tensions Within Christianity focuses on issues that sometimes cause conflict among Christians.

In short, here is what you will find inside for the two parts.

Living In the Tensions

  1. The Eternal Versus the Temporal
  2. Developing Realistic Expectations
  3. The Problem of Sin
  4. Sorting Out Good and Bad
  5. The Spiritual Battle

Tensions within Christianity

  1. Defining Success in The Church
  2. Avoiding Extremes in Theology
  3. Avoiding Extremes in Practice
  4. Different Denominations
  5. Racism
  6. Ministering To the Wounded and/or Rejected

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