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Evangelism Training Manual

Evangelism Training

by Worldwide Discipleship Association


The goal of the Evangelism Training Manual is to train Christians to effectively communicate the gospel. Above all, these Christians should have a consistent, stable relationship with God. Secondly, they should have a regular personal devotion time. Third, faithfully attend a Bible study or small group and seek fellowship with Christians. Last and most important, they should begin to show concern for friends and relatives who are not Christians.

There are 15 sessions in this manual with homework assignments for some sessions. In addition, each disciple will use the WDA Evangelism Training Workbook and purchase More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell.

The Manual and Student workbook includes: Session #1 – Introduction To The Gospel, Session #2 – What Is The Gospel?, Session #3 – Evangelism As A Process, Session #4 – Levels Of Openness To Christ, Session #5 – How To Prepare And Give A Testimony, Session #6 – Testimonies Time Management, Session #7 – Time Management Part I, Session #8 – Time Management Part II Apologetics, Session #9 – Apologetics: Dealing With Common Questions, and Session #10 – 15 Apologetics: More Than A Carpenter Evangelism Resources.

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