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Tial Thanga

WDA International Staff

Yangon, Myanmar

Tial Thanga first experienced WDA when he attended a discipleship conference celebrating WDA’s 25th anniversary in 1994. He then joined WDA as an International Associate Staff.

Tial is a graduate of the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Jackson, Mississippi with an MDiv and a Doctorate of Missiology, majoring in Mission Inter-Cultural Studies (1988-1994).

He is fully engaged in the ministry of missions: evangelism, discipleship, and planting God-glorifying churches throughout Myanmar with RTS. Tial also works with a Discipleship Training Center, an orphanage, and several village schools in rural areas.

Tial has three grown children and three grandsons! Tial and his wife Annie live in Yangon, Myanmar.

Your partnership in disciple building is an awesome blessing to Tial’s ministry.

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