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Shae Meador

Next Generation Intern

Depauw University, Greencastle, IN, US.

Hello! I am Shaelyn (Shae) Meador, a Sophomore at DePauw University. I grew up in Attica, Indiana, and attended Attica Junior Senior High School. I am a student leader for YoungLife College, High School, and Wyldlife in Greencastle. I am also involved with Children’s ministry in Greencastle as well.

I am a Global Health Major intending to become a Physician’s Assistant with plans of pursuing a career in youth and children’s ministry after graduation.

As a Next Gen Intern, I will meet with residential students and involve them in ministry activities designed to help them grow to maturity in Christ and equip them to be lifelong disciple builders.

With this internship, I hope to reach as many students as possible, while spreading the love of God in every aspect of my life.

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