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Reign Astorga Bucsit

Restoring Your Heart International Staff

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Reign Astorga Bucsit is one of our International Associate Staff in The Philippines. She has a Bachelor’s Degree inSocial Work and is currently working part time on her Master’s Degree also in Social Work. She has worked as a social worker, a church programmer, and a coordinator of campus ministries

Reign has attended Restoring Your Heart Leader Training Seminars and done one on one training with our WDA staff. She has been leading Restoring Your Heart Groups since 2017. She is now being trained to be a trainer of RYH Leaders. She has recently helped the pastor of her church and his wife to set up RYH Groups at her church and will be assisting leaders at other nearby churches in setting up RYH Groups. She is an experienced youth leader and public speaker.

She is a childhood sexual abuse survivor and has been involved in ministries that help others that have experienced the same trauma. She has a vision to help broken people break free from the bondage of abuse and experience complete healing. She has been interested in full time Christian work for a long time and is very excited about joining our WDA staff.

She lives in the Metro Manila/Quezon City Area with her lovely daughter and enjoys spending time with her, traveling and photography..

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