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What does it mean to be Phase 5a believer?

You are a mature believer and effective minister of the Gospel, equipped to lead healthy, Christ-centered ministries. You have gained valuable experience serving as a church/ministry leader, and you understand how God is using you in His sovereign plan to impact your community and the world.

You are faced with complex issues in ministry and culture, learning how to respond healthily, persevering toward unity and restoration. The way you lead is changing as you learn how to delegate and trust others with various aspects of ministry, discipling them along the way.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)

In Human Development

As a mature ministry leader, you are like a spiritual grandparent, seeing your discipleship ministry organically give life to new generations of disciples as the people you trained are now discipling others.

You have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and application to pass on to those you lead, and your influence can shape generations of disciples.

In The Gospels

Jesus modeled healthy leadership and discipleship. He set an example of selfless service, love, and humility. He invested in the lives of His disciples, equipping and empowering them as leaders and disciple makers. He demonstrated spiritual and emotional maturity in the face of opposition and persecution. Jesus prayed continually for His followers and delivered difficult concepts with mercy and grace, not condemnation.

In Relationships

You are building and maintaining strong relationships with other healthy, mature leaders who can challenge, encourage, and support you in your ministry. You are also investing time to encourage and disciple the leaders under your care, modeling love, care, and respect in your relationships. Your family life and health is a priority, and not sacrificed for the busy-ness of ministry.

Growing In This Phase

In Phase 5A, signs of growth include:

  • Deepening your understanding of advanced theology and complex issues within and outside of the Christian faith.
  • Fully grieving difficult losses and forgiving those who accuse or misunderstand you.
  • Creating healthy teams and intentionally discipling them in areas of Christ-centered leadership and practical ministry skills.
  • Sustaining a culture of discipleship and health in your home, church, and ministry and exemplifying a healthy work/life/ministry balance.

The demonstration of these life changes indicates that you are ready to move on to Phase 5B.

Recommendations For Growth:

Recommendations For Growth:

  • Read “Ministry Principles III” and “Controversial Issues” with other ministry leaders.
  • Bring your ministry teams through a 1-day “Life Coaching” training intensive.
  • Lead your ministry team leaders through a “Developing New Leaders 1” cohort group.
  • Meet regularly with another mature leader who can provide you with accountability.
  • Plan a vacation or protected sabbatical time to maximize time with the Lord and your family.


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