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What does it mean to be a Phase 2 believer?

Key Terms:

  • A disciple is a personal follower of Jesus who is purposefully seeking to grow.
  • When a knowledgeable Christian teaches and guides someone who is less experienced in the faith to help them grow, this is called discipleship.
  • A cornerstone is a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building and the reference point from which everything else is built or established.
  • The Holy Spirit’s presence in your life causes an inward transformation that is displayed outwardly as spiritual fruit. This can include an increased ability to love those who have hurt you, supernatural joy and peace in trials, a desire to serve others or talk about God’s goodness, and the presence of spiritual gifts.

You’ve made the decision to follow after Christ and become more like Him! You understand the key components of faith in Christ and why you believe them. Now you intentionally seek to form a deeper connection with God and with God’s people, beginning to bear spiritual fruit. You desire to be a healthy person and a healthy Christian, creating spiritual disciplines that will help you continue to grow over time. You are ready for your life to flourish, regardless of your circumstances!

Jesus Christ has become your cornerstone, setting the foundation and guidelines for a lifelong commitment to follow and grow in Him.

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1)

In Human Development

Like a child growing and learning, you continue to develop your understanding of God, His Word, and His will for your life. You are learning to walk in obedience and trust and you are beginning to take greater steps of faith, believing God for the outcome.

In The Gospels

Jesus asked 12 people (His 12 disciples) to prioritize following Him and learning from Him (Matthew 4:19). They spent a lot of time together, He taught them, and He showed them how to follow Him and grow in their faith. He encouraged them to “come and see” (John 1:39) who He was and how He did things. 

Jesus did very few miracles while the disciples were Phase 2 believers. Instead, He spent time with them in order to strengthen their relationship and trust.

In Relationships

You are connecting meaningfully with a local community of Christians who encourage and support your growth. And you have identified an experienced believer who can help disciple you and hold you accountable in your walk with Christ.

Growing In This Phase

In Phase 2, signs of growth include:

  • Spending time reading the Bible, praying, and connecting with other believers several times a week.
  • A greater understanding of God’s Word and His will for your life

The demonstration of these life changes indicates that you are ready to move on to Phase 3.

Recommendations For Growth:


Contact Worldwide Discipleship Association for more information.