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What does it mean to be a Phase 1 believer?

Whether you are exploring spiritual topics for the first time, a new believer who has recently accepted Jesus as your Savior, or a long-time believer who wants a stronger faith, you are interested in learning more about the core components of the Christian faith. As you learn about the character of God and how to know Him personally, you are beginning to commit yourself further in faith and establish a meaningful relationship with God and others.

“So let us move beyond the simple teachings about Christ. Let us grow up as believers.” (Hebrews 6:1)

In Human Development

Just as a newborn baby discovers new things about their world and begins to understand their place in it, God is working in your heart to connect you with spiritual life and help you become more like Him.

In The Gospels

In the Bible, a man called John the Baptist preached about repentance, faith, the Holy Spirit, and judgment to prepare people for Jesus’ arrival. He urged people to turn away from idols (things that distract from God) and follow Jesus. You are starting to avoid things that harm you and learn what it means to follow Christ.

In Relationships

You are becoming connected to a Christian community that supports your growth and teaches you about healthy relationships with God and others.

Signs Of Growth

In Phase 1, signs of growth include:

  • Feeling confident of God’s love for you.
  • Taking steps to learn more about your new relationship with God.
  • Associating with other Christians.
  • Beginning to practice repentance (avoiding or turning away from sin) in daily life.
  • Publicly displaying your commitment to Christ through baptism.

The demonstration of these life changes indicates that you are ready to move on to Phase 2.

Recommendations For Growth:


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