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Nate Harkness 

WDA Director of International Ministries

Headquarters Team, Fayetteville, GA, U.S.

Nate Harkness is the Director of International Ministries at WDA. He holds a BA in Intercultural Studies from Northwestern College, an MA in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Indian Christian Theological Association.

He felt called to missions when he was 13 and is passionate about helping people from many different nations experience a living, interactive friendship with Jesus. He loves helping young leaders grow spiritually, heal emotionally, and be equipped for supernatural ministry.

Nate oversees WDA’s work internationally through 28 staff trainers around the world. In his free time, he likes to cook, spend time outdoors, lead worship, write music, and roast coffee.

He lives in Fayetteville with his wife Debra and their three children.

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