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Mary Mckeever 

Next Generation Staff and International Trainer

West Lafayette, IN, US..

Mary McKeever is on WDA full-time staff at Purdue University.

Building relationships with international students is Mary’s primary focus on campus although she is discipling a few American students as well and sharing teaching responsibilities for Ministry Training with the other Purdue WDA staff.

She has established many contacts through the Purdue International Friendship Program and is among the leaders of the Covenant Church ministry to internationals, World Welcome.

Mary serves on the Executive International Team with WDA, planning the current and future direction of WDA international ministries. She  has taught WDA Discipleship Training seminars in Africa every other year from 2006-2019.. One or two others join her on these trips to help teach and interact with the participants. Through the Covid restrictions, Zoom connections have been a great blessing, keeping the relationships growing.

Throughout her many trips to Africa, she has developed a network of discipleship relationships with African pastors and leaders in Kenya and Uganda. Relationships with those pastors and leaders continue via frequent internet communication for encouragement and mutual “spurring one another on to love and good deeds”. 

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