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Margret Kunda 

Restoring Your Heart International Staff

Kitwe, Zambia

My story begins with how I was given the nickname “Mama Restoring Your Heart” (the mother of Restoring Your Heart).

I first heard about RYH after my husband, Benson, went through a Restoring Your Heart course with Nate Harkness (WDA’s Director of International Ministry) for the first time. When Benson excitedly shared the outcome, I made a commitment that Benson and I would go through more of these courses, just the two of us. It was a wonderful day when the two of us sat in our office sharing the buried emotions from our families. As I shared my past I became very grieved and broke into tears many times.

My past was very rough as I grew up in the village [in Kitwe, Zambia]. But I thank God that as I was sharing I was with my husband who had gone through Restoring Your Heart. As I shared and forgave a lot of relatives, friends, and other people, I did not know that healing was also accompanying my process. At the end of it all, I was overjoyed and experienced tremendous peace. On that day, my experience added to my assurance of salvation. I experienced change.

It is because of this experience that I went out to every woman I could meet and shared how Restoring Your Heart had helped me. I first formed an RYH group with five women at my local church. Later on, I moved to another church and shared it with 8 more women. Then I started moving from my town, Kitwe, into other towns to form women groups –  to train and equip women with this wonderful truth.

This earned me the name “Mama Restoring Your Heart.” I have now trained more than 50 women who have also multiplied this training with RYH groups of their own. I have witnessed women share broken, hateful, and painful stories about their relatives, marriages, and friends. I have also witnessed how the Lord has healed them and brought untold joy to their lives. I cannot think of any teaching I have come across more effective in freeing people from their emotional pain than Restoring Your Heart.

I am happy to be called “Mama Restoring Your Heart” because of what this program has done in my life and the lives of many other women in Zambia.

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