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Katende Jeremiah Bulasio

WDA Director Church Ministry and Publications

WDA Headquarters, Atlanta, U.S.

Katende Jeremiah Bulasio is serving in Nakibizzi, Uganda (near Jinja).

Jeremiah has a unique testimony. He is a pastor who used to be a witchdoctor.  WDA staff member Mary McKeever first met him at a 2013 Discipleship Training Seminar. 

God’s gracious work of deliverance is evident in his testimony.  He, in turn, was delighted with WDA’s discipleship training, something he is very committed to.  His church, Christian Position Ministries, is growing with his strong foundational teaching.

Gifts will help with the church building project (first needing more roofing sheets) and Bibles for new believers.

Read our blog which tells Jeremiah’s testimony.

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