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Ellen Patricia

Country Director of RYH/WDA Ministry

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ellen Patricia is the Country Director of RYH/WDA ministry in Indonesia. She is heading a team of 7 people who are passionate about helping others to be freed from their emotional pain and to grow in their identity as beautiful, precious souls in the eyes of the Divine Creator. 

In Indonesia, the ministry started in 2017 with 1 training and 5 restorative groups with 5 group facilitators. Within 4 years, by 2021, the ministry has conducted 51 trainings and running 132 active restorative groups with 114 group facilitators, serving 598 active group members.

Besides leading the Restoring Your Heart ministry since 2011, Ellen has led a non-profit organization in Indonesia focusing on coaching, counseling, and learning. She has also written books and facilitated various trainings. She lives in Jakarta with her husband and their son.

Further information about Ellen & the RYH ministry in Indonesia can be found on : 

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