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Location: Kitwe, Zambia

About Benson & Margret:

Benson and Margret Chembe are missionaries in Kitwe, Zambia, offering emotional restoration and discipleship. Margret is called “Mama Restoring Your Heart” because of her powerful ministry training more than 50 women in Processing Pain and Understanding Emotions groups. Benson is the director of WDA Africa and a pastor in Kitwe, Zambia. Benson has been working in Zambia since 2005 training national leaders throughout the country. Benson also travels to other countries to help individuals and groups launch disciple-making movements. Benson is highly respected across denominational lines and has been instrumental in fostering unity in interdenominational fellowships.

The Project: 

From Benson: “For the last twenty (20) years we have stayed in a local church house. It came time that we felt we should no longer renew the pastoral contract with our church. So, as per church policy, we moved out of the house last year. We thank God some friends helped us with house rentals for one year. And we paid for one year which ended last month.

We need to build our own house because we will not manage to rent a house. So, with the terminal benefits we received from our former church engagement and support from our prayer partners, we bought a piece of land. On this land, we have done the following:


  • Built a wall fence and a gate.
  • Put up a borehole, water tank stand, and water tank with a water pump.
  • We also dug a foundation for our house and built a box for the slab.

After the above works, we ran out of funds and could not continue. We faced and are still facing financial challenges which made us stop the house building project: We have to look for funds to continue renting a house which is at $188.6 per month, find funds for our family’s monthly income, find funds to pay for fees for our school-aged children (we thank God our daughter Purity has completed studies in clinical medicine)-but we have two more school-aged kids, and find funds for ministry work. So, we resolved to stop house-building construction to concentrate on these needs.”

Funds Needed:

The following is the total budget needed for house completion:

  • Putting slab = $2, 452
  • Roof building to completion = $3, 867
  • Roofing the house = $6, 289
  • Windows and doors with the frames =$1, 886
  • Plastering the whole house = $1, 383
  • Putting ceiling boards = $1, 886
  • Wiring and lighting = $1, 572
  • 2.8. Plumbing works = $1, 572
  • 2.9. Putting towels and painting = $1, 163
  • 2.10. Land scarping and pavers = $1, 185

Total funds needed: $23, 255

Project Timeframe:

If we had these funds, the project would take three months to complete. But due to limited funds, we have been earnestly praying that the Lord should help us complete by the end of 2023.

In this case, It means taking each step as funds are made available. We would appreciate you helping us to pray for this project and that God willing we may complete it in 2023.

Thank You:

Please pray and may God provide you with a way in which you can assist us. We just need your help. Even helping us in phases as God provides the needed funds until the project comes to completion. We thank God for your step. And we thank you in every way God will lead you in helping us with our house project.

Yours in Christ,
Benson Chembe
Disciple-making Missionary: training people to think, feel and act like Jesus