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Benson Chembe

WDA Africa Director

Kitwe, Zambia

Benson Chembe is the national director of WDA Zambia and the pastor of Mindolo Baptist Church in Kitwe, Zambia. WDA has been working in Zambia with Benson since 2005 training national leaders throughout Zambia. Benson is highly respected across denominational lines and has been instrumental in fostering unity in interdenominational fellowships. He is also passionate about mentoring and discipleship.

He says, “The greatest need in Africa today is discipleship. So anyone who would come to Africa for discipleship will be welcomed here.”

In 2016 Benson joined WDA staff and formed “discipleship centers” in 3 provinces. He uses WDA’s Cornerstone and Restoring Your Heart materials translated into Bembe. He recently planted a new WDA ministry in Botswana and has plans to expand into Zimbabwe and Zambia’s other 7 provinces.

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