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EOY India 2022


Worldwide Discipleship Association-India
WDA India Annual Report 2022

“This is his commandment, that we believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and love one
another, just as he has commanded us.” 1 John 3:23

Our country, India, was reeling under the impact of the Covid-19 like many other parts of the world over the last
two years. However, the nation has now overcome the situation by God’s grace! Hence, we could bounce back
into action in disciple building this year. Our vision is to facilitate Christians in India to develop a leadership character that reflects Christlikeness. We continue to make a significant impact throughout India and even beyond. We have trained about 700 Christians in-person, via online training as well as small groups this year. Our ministry is growing and becoming fruitful. I hope you enjoy reading what our Creator is doing through WDA India mending wings.

Leadership Institute
Developing New Leaders (DNL) one year online course offered by Leadership Institute of WDA has become an
invaluable project for those who aspire to be transformed in mind and heart, to think, feel, and subsequently act
like Jesus. As many as 26 people who completed the course were graduated this
year. Currently, 57 believers are going through this training in four different groups. Nate, Dave Johnson, Bhrathi too are
teaching our students.

Restoring Your Heart
We began to lead two Restoring Your Heart (RYH)
groups where 10 men are trained. Joseph Hobbs and
Prijana Gunawan are training them alongside me. The
Women’s RYH group is led by Bharathi, our WDA Staff,
where 11 women are being trained.


Small Groups
In order to achieve our vision, we also engage in small groups discussions, fellowship building activities, prayer
and fellowship. We continue these activities throughout the year, making them as relational as possible, so we
are able to gather together people in small groups. At present, we have 27 active discipleship groups, with 300
disciples who are growing in discipleship.

Disciple Building Seminars
Bringing Christians together and equipping them for servant leadership in their churches and communities has
been a part of WDA India ministry. We have had a three-day Seminar in Manipur, a two-day seminar in Karnataka
and another two-day seminar in Telungana, this year. As many as 110 people were trained through these
seminars. We have been regularly following up with most of the people we trained.

Our Annual WDA India Summit was held on 27-30 September 2022, attended by about 57 Christians from across
India. About 10 of our facilitators from different countries were present, and the whole team was led by Nathan
Harkness. We had a wonderful time of fellowship together.

Personal Testimonies

  • Rev. Irudhayaraj, Chennai-India:
    “I serve God as a pastor in Chennai. I thank God for WDA that trains many servants of God and equips
    them to grow in their personal, family and ministry life in the process of disciple building. I thank God for
    Rev. Emanuvel Dass who took me through the “Processing Pain” experience. It greatly helped me to grieve
    through my past pains and bitterness and process them. I feel so happy and blessed now because of the
    absolute freedom from my unresolved pains. After completing my training, I was able to lead 35 families
    in my church through processing pain experience. Many families testified with great joy that their families
    and marriage lives are being healed. I praise God for using me for the expansion of HIS kingdom as a tool
    to restore many families and many wounded hearts. I wish to learn more truths in the area of RYH from
    WDA under the leadership of Rev. Emanuvel Dass and develop many leaders as strong disciples of our
    Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • Sis. Kalvari Supriya.V, Karnataka-India:
    “My name is Kalvari Supriya and I’m a teacher at a school. I used to be a faithful Christian in terms of
    praying, worshipping, taking part in church activities etc… However, I realized that I needed to do more
    to be a real disciple of Jesus Christ at the WDA’s disciple building seminar in Karnataka in January 2022
    (I was Introduced to WDA by Rev. Vasantharaj). To further benefit from WDA training, I joined Developing
    New Leaders’ one year online course. At the introductory session on 14th Feb 2022, Rev. Emanuvel Dass
    presented the need for the INTERNAL RIGHTEOUNESS and CHARACTER BUILDING. It was a timely
    reminder and, as I continued the course, I began to experience inner transformation in my personal life. I
    understood how the RCAPS (Relationship, Content, Accountability, Prayer, Situations) method works
    effectively in disciple building. WDA not only teaches evangelism, but also emphasizes on spiritual
    discipline for becoming a matured Christian. I personally started to know more, grow more. I strongly
    consider that WDA trains people to become spiritually matured. I’m very thankful to WDA and the whole
    team for their great work for the Kingdom of God.”
  • Sis. Dinah Ghartey, Accra-Ghana:
    “I am Dinah from Ghana, West Africa. I’m an Evangelist of the Methodist church. WDA was introduced to
    me by Emanuvel Dass whom I met in Ghana in 2013 at a conference. I thank God for granting me the
    opportunity to visit India and be part of the WDA International Discipleship Building Summit held on 27th–
    30th September, 2022, after one year completion of Developing New Leaders course online. I am much
    grateful for this discipleship course which has shaped my lifestyle – to live like Jesus Christ and to share
    His salvation with others. I pray that my ministry will grow graciously through the knowledge that I have
    acquired from building relationship, dealing with temperaments, how to lead small groups, etc. By the
    grace of God, I am taking care of a small church of about 54 members, both adult/children, have a small
    evangelism and prayer group of 23 members, and I will be starting the WDA training with 4 people in
    January, 2023. I thank God for the fellowship we had in India. Thank you all.”

Plans for 2023
1. Train 300 people through Online and in person Seminars and 500 people through Small Groups.
2. Conduct RYH training for 40 Bible College Students, on 26-28 February 2023.
3. Conduct a Graduation Ceremony for the 12 Bible College Graduates of Phase IV Course (Developing New
Leaders) on 28 February 2023.
4. Initiate Disciple Building Seminar in Bangladesh in March 2023.
5. Have a 3-day WDA Seminar in the States of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Manipur in 2023.
6. Conduct WDA India Annual Conference in Chennai in November 2023.

Our Needs
1. We will need about $7000 to execute our plans for 2023.
2. We need some committed and right people from India to become the associate staff of WDA.

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for the spiritual maturity of the 78 people whom we are presently training in 9 cohorts
through online.
2. Pray for the good health of my family members and for the education and the spiritual growth of my
three children.

As I close, I would like to thank Nate Harkness for his efforts to develop WDA India ministries. I extend my
heartfelt gratitude to the Board of Directors, all the WDA HQ staff, trainers, prayer partners and sponsors for
your faithful prayers and generous contributions. You are helping us change and transform many lives through
disciple building, and it is a joy for me to witness the growth of the discipleship movement in India. Thank you
and God bless you all!

In His Service,
Emanuvel Dass
Director, WDA India